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At China  with (CNY) Buy BTC
BitcoinWorld user xiaociwei0488 wishes to sell BTC to you
Fixed Price  52150 CNY/BTC
Payment Method  Alipay
Trade limits  5000 - 26000 CNY
Location  China
Payment is expired  90 m  
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xiaociwei0488 with terms of the transaction

Notes To Trade

Digital currency will be escrowed* after you clicked to trade. For buyers, please submit the invoice within 90 minutes and mark the trade as paid. Upon receiving payment, seller will releave the digital currency held in escrow.

Please read the ad, review the terms and conditions, and read all the relevanat FAQ and trader's manual.

The world of bitcoin p2p trading is filled with frausters. Please take the time to review profile feedback and be extra vigilant with newly created accounts.

Please note that rounding and price fluctuation might change the final digital currency amount. The fiat amount you entered will help to determine the final digtial currency amount, which is calculated at the time of request.

Escrow is provided by BitcoinWorld as a neutral third party to protect both buyers and sellers from scams. In the case of dispute, we will evaluate all the information provided and release the escrowed digital currency to their rightful owner.

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