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Lottery matters

1、This sweepstakes are prizes for this platform. Each user has only 3 chances

2、Accelerated coupons can be deducted on the platform to accelerate the cost of each accelerator coupons from 1MBTC to 5MBTC

3、Accelerated coupon is a one-time, and the use is invalid

4、A single acceleration can use multiple coupons at the same time. If you only speed up a transaction but fill in multiple coupons, use only one

Activity Description

1、The speedy coupons for this lottery are limited to the speedy use and can not be redeemed for account BTC;

2、The sweepstakes start every Tuesday morning at 11:00 am and ends at 12:00. First, the first time, the voucher is finished.

3、Please confirm the registration has been registered, such as registration problems can not get an accelerator coupons, the responsibility borne by the user;

4、Activities issued by the accelerator coupons within 14 days of use, expired can not enjoy the accelerated offer;

5、All activities to explain the right to BitcoinWorld platform all, if any objection please contact the platform customer service