Activity Date : 1518193800000 - 1519833599000

New user / sign up transaction can get 100% win jackpot winnings, up to 2018BTW Bonus

Today there are 0 times the opportunity to demolish the red envelopes
Login demolition red packets
  • /1/

    During the event, anyone who 「login」 「trade」 on the BitcoinWorld platform is eligible for the red hat

  • /2/

    Up to 3 times per person per day, the day effective!

  • /3/

    Get the opportunity to get demolition red envelopes removable page in the event page, up to get 2018BTW!! The winning rate is 100%

• All transactions with BitcoinWorld are free for 3 times with a single transaction (regardless of currency)

• All users of BitcoinWorld log in daily to get 1 times the opportunity to dismantle the red packets

• The opportunity to remove the red envelopes the day effective, each user can get up to 10 times per day demolition red envelopes

• After obtaining the red envelopes, you can log in to the BitcoinWorld platform and check the number of BTW awards in "Wallets" - "Billing" - "BTW Bill" records.

• No one may defraud a red envelope in a dishonest manner and once discovered, BitcoinWorld reserves the right to freeze the account and to forfeit the account's bonus amount